Our social sustainability principle is to leave a nice memory through our consumers’ experience but no trace on their health, on animals or the environment.
For us transparency is a value, hence communicating with our consumers is also transparent, clear and direct. This is social responsibility for us.

Health for consumers

Taking care for the things we love the most often entails risks and sacrifices. We have decided to minimise such risks by offering eco-friendly and skin-compatible products. We carefully select ingredients of plant and mineral origin that are much less toxic for the health and the homes of those who use our products.

Allergies and irritations can be caused by almost any ingredient, natural or synthetic, in a quite subjective manner. A reaction is caused by an allergen, a type of antigen that triggers a negative reaction in the immune system of some predisposed people but that is harmless for other people. Any ingredient can be an allergen, from a hazelnut to some types of fragrances. In order to be positive that our products can be used by everyone and that they are safe for the skin, they have been tested at external laboratories to check their hypoallergenicity, skin compatibility and compliance with safe threshold for heavy metals such as nickel, chrome and cobalt.

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