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Can be used on all kinds of floors- terracotta, tiles, stoneware, parquet… Winni’s floor cleaner cleans and sanitizes all the washable surfaces around the house. Due to the area of the surfaces to be cleaned and the cleaning frequency, using a product containing plant-derived raw materials and specially formulated to minimise allergies is the best choice. Winni’s Floor Cleaner is hypoallergenic and has been nickel, chrome and cobalt tested (detectable threshold < 0.01 PPM). Thanks to its concentrated formulation, only one liter of product yields more that 40 washes (if floors are cleaned once every two days, one bottle can last up to 3 months!). In this way, we do not waste so much plastic, and do not need to buy product very frequently, which is in line with our economic and environmental sustainability principles.

The product is Vegan OK certified and meets the SkinEco requirements.

Comes in 1000-ml and 1500-ml bottles.

Component Naturalness What it is What it does
AQUA No ref. Osmotic water microbiologically tested each time it is produced (not regular tap water!) Acting as a solvent, it gives active ingredients an appearance that makes them easy to use
ALCOHOL FogliaFogliaFoglia Solvent Helps prevent spots and streaks
BUTYL GLUCOSIDE FogliaFogliaFoglia Plant-derived surfactant The true cleaning force of the product; acts synergistically with the other active ingredients
SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE FogliaFoglia Plant-derived surfactant Acts synergistically with the other active ingredients
POTASSIUM COCOATE FogliaFogliaFoglia Plant-derived surfactant Acts synergistically with the other active ingredients
CAPRYLYL/CAPRYL GLUCOSIDE FogliaFogliaFoglia Plant-derived surfactant Acts synergistically with the other active ingredients
PHENOXYETHANOL Foglia Preservatives Keep product microbiologically stable throughout its entire life
PARFUM Foglia Perfume with raw materials at least 90% biodegradable Thanks to it, using the product is a pleasant experience for consumers, with low environmental impact
TETRASODIUM GLUTAMATE DIACETATE FogliaFoglia Sequestrant Helps improve product performance since it softens running water
COLORANTS Colorant suitable for food industry uses too For a very nice appearance

Diluted in water: Pour half a cap (25 ml) in a bucket filled with 5 litres of water. Using a mop or floorcloth apply directly on the floor. No need to rinse!

As it is: Pour product directly on a cloth or damp sponge to clean floors; rinse afterwards.

We inhale the products we use to clean. When we clean our house, the product that is diluted and applied on the surfaces evaporates and is breathed in by all those living in the house (and pets too!). Using a hypoallergenic product that has been tested for heavy metals minimises the risk of allergies developing.

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It is the International Ecodermatology Association that rules the eco-dermo-compatibility of the products, assessing their environmental impact and skin interaction through specific skin toxicity tests.

Certifies that products from the certified companies are free from animal-derived substances or ingredients that directly imply killing, confining or exploiting animals.

Naturalness Ratio

  • Foglia Foglia Foglia 100% natural, plant-based and renewable raw materials.
  • Foglia Foglia Natural raw materials from renewable sources; we are working to reach 100% plant-based material.
  • Foglia Synthesis raw materials; we are working to find plant-based raw materials that follow the economic and social sustainability principles.

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