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A fabric conditioner is the icing on the cake in laundry care. It comes into play only in the final steps of the washing process to ensure fragrance remains and to smooth fabric fibres, two highly important tasks. The detergent is important, too. However, since the conditioner is what comes into contact with the garments last, it is crucial that its skin-compatibility features be the best. That is the reason why all Winni’s fabric conditioners are hypoallergenic and have been nickel, chrome and cobalt tested. The particular skin-compatibility of Winni’s fabric conditioners makes them especially suitable for the most sensitive skin types and for the little ones.

All fabric conditioners made by Winni’s feature intense and biodegradable perfumes that are absorbed into the atmosphere leaving no traces behind. The springtime fragrance of white flowers leaves clothes with a gentle feeling of freshness.

The product has also been tested for nickel, cobalt and chrome (detectable threshold < 0.01 PPM), it is Vegan Ok certified, and meets the SkinEco requirements due to its eco-dermo-compatibility.

Also available in a delicate Heliotrope and White Musk fragrance option, in a concentrated version and in bottles. The eco-refill pouch helps save up to 78% of plastic for lower environmental impact.

Component Naturalness What it is What it does
AQUA No ref. Osmotic water microbiologically tested each time it is produced (not regular tap water!) Acting as a solvent, it gives active ingredients an appearance that makes them easy to use
DIPALMITOYLETHYL HYDROXYETHYLMONIUM METHOSULFATE FogliaFoglia Plant-derived surfactant The softening active ingredient that relaxes and smoothes fibres
ALCOHOL FogliaFogliaFoglia Solvent Helps stabilize product
PARFUM Foglia Perfume with raw materials at least 90% biodegradable Thanks to it, using the product is a pleasant experience for consumers, with low environmental impact
CITRIC ACID, LACTIC ACID FogliaFoglia Sequestrant and stabilizer Rectifies the right product acidity so that it is stable throughout the product’s life
CALCIUM CHLORIDE, AMMONIUM CHLORIDE FogliaFoglia Mineral salts Helps stabilize product

A good fabric conditioner is essential to keep your clothes soft. Winni’s fabric conditioner improves wash performance since it smoothes fabrics, reduces scale residues inside fibres and makes ironing easy. Thanks to its concentrated formulation, just a small dose is needed to make your clothes soft and delicately scented. Do not pour the conditioner directly onto the laundry. Pour it into the specific drawer and choose a cycle of your washing machine that includes conditioner. The right amount of conditioner will depend on the volume of laundry to wash; always refer to the instructions in the back label of the bottle.

Replacing fabric conditioners with other substances like vinegar may be dangerous. Vinegar contains acetic acid that may corrode the metal parts of a washing machine and so, pollute the rinse water. Besides making our clothes soft, a fabric conditioner protects our garments so that they are not damaged by the friction caused while they are washed or worn!

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It is the International Ecodermatology Association that rules the eco-dermo-compatibility of the products, assessing their environmental impact and skin interaction through specific skin toxicity tests.

Certifies that products from the certified companies are free from animal-derived substances or ingredients that directly imply killing, confining or exploiting animals.

Naturalness Ratio

  • Foglia Foglia Foglia 100% natural, plant-based and renewable raw materials.
  • Foglia Foglia Natural raw materials from renewable sources; we are working to reach 100% plant-based material.
  • Foglia Synthesis raw materials; we are working to find plant-based raw materials that follow the economic and social sustainability principles.

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